What is a great t-shirt shop?

There are two types of online t-shirt shops. The specialized and the "all you can eat" and mixed.. so three kinds I guess. That's clearly simplified but basically true, a smart way? is to build your own site so you can switch between them if things change. An example of this is The Depresident Shop which currently is on Redbubble's system.

Big t-shirt shops

Red Bubble

A bit more arty than CP or Zazzle. 


Yuuuuge site with a lot of stuff. Many of the best designers have left b/c of poor earnings potential.


Similar to Cafepress but slightly more up scale.

Redbubble T-shirts

Redbubble seems to attract a higher caliber designers, or at least push them to the front better.

Cafepress t-shirts

Cafepress has a lot of deals with movie studios av TV-shows to let their users create designs from the shows.

Zazzle tees

Zazzle comes in somewhere in between Cafepress and Redbubble. They also have a lot of TV and movie franchises that you can make t-shirts without the risk of being sued into oblivion. 

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